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About Us

Founder and CEO, Polo Electric Corporation
Founder and CEO, Celebrity Vision
Founder and CEO, Theometrics Architectural Navigation
Founder and CEO, Stathis Enterprises
Founder and CEO, Polo Electric Corporation 
Sam Stathis, born Sotirios Stathopoulos, is a passionate entrepreneur, investor, developer, engineer, inventor and philanthropist with extensive experience in starting and operating multimillion dollar companies on a domestic and international basis. His various endeavors have  stemmed from his desire for innovation and advancement of technology, and from them, Mr.  Stathis has garnered respect within the business world for his accomplishments in excellence, resourceful business solutions and motivational leadership. 

Polo Electric Corp 
In 1980, Sam Stathis began his career as an electrical contractor. At the age of 25, he became the 
youngest person in New York City to pass the Master Electrician Licensing Exam. Mr. Stathis  founded Polo Electric early in his career and continues to run the company as President and CEO. Polo Electric is a premier electrical contracting firm specializing in highly complex and sophisticated electrical and communication projects; the company maintains relationships with numerous reputable clients including Goldman Sachs, Ralph Lauren, IBM, Bank of America, Columbia University, New York University, Merrill Lynch, HBO and MTV. Prestigious projects include the modernization of Grand Central Station’s central traffic control for Metro North; the rebuilding of the Marriott World Trade Center post the 1993 bombing; the first FDNY Command Center post September 11th; NY Academy of Sciences, the first tenant at the new 7 World Trade Center; the Intrepid Museum; the New Yankee Stadium; and Skadden Arps at Four Times Square, the largest “green building” in the US developed prior to the advent of the LEED Rating System. 

Celebrity Vision 
Mr. Stathis is also founder and CEO of Celebrity Vision, the company responsible for the development of the first LED and digital advertising network in New York City and abroad. After recognition of the need to modernize outdoor advertising, Sam Stathis revolutionized an industry that had seen little progress in the digital age. Celebrity Vision has become a premier digital system for mass advertising andbroadcasting news, weather and “amber alerts”. 

Theometrics Architectural Navigation 
His thirst for innovation and love for geometry combined with his expertise in business and construction inspired Sam Stathis to establish Theometrics, which he currently manages as Chairman and CEO. Theometrics acquired its name through the combination of the Greek words for “God’s measure,” “Theo” and “metrics”. Theometrics is the art and science of precision measurement and navigation in construction environments. It is a new standard, a new means and method, and the preeminent practice by which architectural and construction measurements are performed worldwide. Through the creation of Theometrics, Mr. Stathis has replaced antiquated construction methods, such as the use of tape measures and blueprints on construction sites, with more accurate and efficient systems. Theometrics technology navigates users from any point on a CAD drawing or BIM model to the exact field location with laser sharp precision and enables automated measurement and creation of 2D or 3D CAD or BIM in real time. 

Land Development & Construction 
Mr. Stathis is involved extensively in land development and business management. His real estate and development projects range in size from single family residential and high-rise commercial buildings to hundred-acre agricultural, strip mall, commercial, industrial, restaurant and night club developments. 

Significant Innovations 
Using his acute aptitude for developing new technology, Mr. Stathis has become an owner and coinventor of an array of intellectual properties related to LED architectural lighting; LED signage;  CAD and construction navigation systems; software advertising vehicles; management systems;  and equine training. Additionally, he has multiple patents and several patents-pending in emerging  technologies. 

  • In 2001, co-invented and pioneered high brightness LED solutions used for lighting fixtures and 
    related systems, replacing the much less efficient incandescent bulbs. 


  • Patented chariot racing and sulky wheel advertising, enabling harness racing to attract sponsors. 

  • Created the first and only hi-tech shrimp farm in Puerto Rico for researching and implementing artificial insemination and cross breeding to successfully increase the size and improve the taste of shrimp. In the early 1980s, this was one of the only operations of it’s kind to use windmill generators power and pumps. 

  • Founded Celebrity Farms Racing Stables, one of the first Standardbred Racing Farms to successfully perform embryo transfers, stem cell transplants and implement proprietary equine training methods. 

  • Mr. Stathis is the first person to create autonomously controlled robots to aid in the construction process.

Sam Stathis has lectured and presented at industry events, trade organizations and various academic institutions including AIA, USGBC, FIATECH, BIM Forum, NECA, IBEW, MIT, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Northeastern University, and the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. 

Mr. Stathis co-founded the Chris Vasiliou Memorial foundation and supports numerous charities including the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the Saint Dominic Foundation, St. Basil’s Academy Foundation, Jewish Community Center, and the Youth Organization of Central Greece. Mr Stathis is along time member and platinum supporter of the Holly Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Middletown,NY. Mr Stathis donated the electrical work during its reconstruction, the new dome and cross over the new grand entry which he personally assisted to erect into place. 

Background & Inspirations

  • Sam Stathis is the personification of the American Dream. At the age of seven, Mr. Stathis emigrated from a small, Greek village, with no electricity or running water, to the US and became the successful entrepreneur he is today. 

  • Mr. Stathis credits much of his inspiration to his Grandmother. While they sat stargazing in Greece, his Grandmother inspired his fascination by teaching him the principles of navigation through astronomy. 

  • Since antiquity, the Greeks have mastered navigation using astronomy with such high accuracy that modern science remains mystified. The Antikythera mechanism, discovered by Greek sponge divers in the early 1900s, has transformed the way scientists think about the ancient world. Perhaps it is not just a coincidence,that a team of experts finally unraveled its secrets in 2002, about the same time that Theometrics was conceived. The gears, instructions, and other findings on the Antikythera mechanism suggest that Greek technology was far more advanced than previously supposed and no other civilization is known to have created anything as complex for at least another 1,500 years. 

Protecting our environment 

The ancient Greeks lived by “Pan Metron Ariston” which translates to everything in moderation or “all great things in proper measure.” In recent years, there has been a progressive movement toward sustainable design within the AEC industry. This philosophy of designing to comply with the principles of economic, social, and environmental balance is precisely aligned with the ancient Greek’s ideology. As an advocator of environmental conservation and a huge proponent of sustainable design, Sam Stathis has developed technology that will help us become less dependent on fossil fuels and other natural resources. He also feels it is our duty to ensure that we pass this technology and knowledge on to the next generation. Toward this endeavor, he founded the Theometrics Institute of Architectural Navigation with the primary mission of raising awareness of the greatest losses affecting the AEC industry, our economy, society and the environment. 

Toward this endeavor, Mr. Stathis has founded the Theometrics Institute of Architectural Navigation with the primary mission of raising awareness of the greatest losses affecting the AEC industry, our economy, society and the environment. Teaching the cure- PRIMARY MISSION is NOT ONLY tell about the problem but to teach the cure!… 

What’s Next
Mr Stathis believes that during the difficult times this is when we have to work the hardest to create new jobs and a better future for our children. While New York State recently Received Commitments of over $4 Billion dollars to make NY state the chip manufacturing epicenter of the world Mr Stathis’ dream is to make NY State the Technology epicenter of the world creating new manufacturing and technology jobs for New Yorkers and all Americans. Toward that endeavor Mr Stathis has organized The Intelligent Jobsites Alliance that was the centerpiece of the New York State MWBE Conference on October 13 and 14, 2011 and will host the first ever Intelligent Jobsites Convention in NYC during the second quarter of 2012.

About Sam Stathis

Board Membership and Affiliations 

  • Youth Organization of Central Greece, Co-Founder 

  • Stathis Enterprises, Founder & CEO 

  • Polo Electric Corp., Founder & CEO 

  • Celebrity Farms LLC, Founder 

  • Celebrity Vision LLC, Founder 

  • Phoster Lighting LLC, Co-Founder 

  • Theometrics LLC, Founder & CEO 

  • Theometrics Institute of Architectural Navigation, Founder 

  • Education 

  • Electrical Engineering Degree from the Mechanics Institution of Technology 


Licenses and Memberships 

  • NYC Master Electrician License 

  • NY State Fire Alarm & Security License 

  • Multi-National Racing Commission License 

  • National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) 

  • Sub-contractors Trade Association (STA) 

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 

  • International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) 

  • US Green Building Council (USGBC) 

  • The BIM Forum (Building Information Modeling) o Fully Integrated and Automated Technologies (FIATECH) 

  • US Trotting Association (USTA), Owner & Driver 

  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 

  • Hellenic American Technical Society (HATS) 

Stathis Enterprises is proud to be advancing the industries of the future and is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. The company operates an extensive research and development program to identify innovations and create technologies that enable the delivery of the highest quality education, products and services. These innovations are delivered through Stathis Enterprises’ business ventures which include Theometrics University (Theo U) Polo Electric, Theometrics Intelligent Jobsites, Celebrity Farms Racing Stables, Theometrics, The World Chariot Racing Federation, Celebrity Vision, Phoster Lighting, Eventsy and others.
Stathis Enterprises is focused on creating disruptive technologies of the future, “driving” the industries of the future. The core of these innovations is to make New York the capital of advanced Real Estate and Construction Technologies with further aim to make New York better, stronger, faster and smarter. October 4th and 5th, 2017, Stathis Enterprise Technologies were a central exhibit, featured in Governor Cuomo’s annual New York State MWBE Forum in Albany, with more than 2000 industry professionals in attendance.
Stathis Enterprises’ initiatives are geared towards developing a “co-mentoring” and Theometrics “Green Collar Certifcation,” an educational platform focused on bridging education with careers and entrepreneurial ventures. The highly skilled certifcation delivered in a “boot camp format” will prepare professionals and workers to meet the demands of the future industries. Stathis Enterprises advocate balancing the challenge of live work and play, with great focus on Gross National Happiness” (GDH), not only Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Stathis Enterprises is collaborating with global industry leaders to gather, share and deliver intelligence through various initiatives. In many cases these ideas and innovations have been adopted as best practices and are creating the new legal standard of care in their respective sectors. Stathis Enterprises is proud to be a leader in cementing New York as the capital of advanced technologies and in creating intelligent cities.
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